Wanna meet me for Ko-fi?

Hello, fellow Clarkophiles

As you may have noticed, I've introduced something new to the blog: a Ko-fi account.

Ko-fi is a service that will accept small donations (roughly the amount of a coffee—hence the name) on behalf of content-creators like me. It's not a paywall, a scam, or anything other than an inexpensive way to let me know in tangible terms that you care about this blog.

Now, I have mixed emotions about this, since it was never my intention to personally profit off of Gene's work. Over the years, however, as my posts have become more research-heavy and time-consuming, it has become harder to justify the time spent researching and writing posts for The Clarkophile when that time and effort might conceivably be spent taking on paid freelancing opportunities (over and above those in which I'm currently involved).

But I love this blog dearly; in many ways it's a living testament to, and open manifestation of, my love of Gene Clark. I want to keep it going for as long as possible.

As unlikely as it sounds, I've never met another Gene Clark fan in the flesh, face-to-face, and yet I'm delighted to report that, as of today, this blog has had nearly 350,000 page views. I am humbled by that, and I want to thank everyone who has ever clicked on a post.

And so, if you have ever read one of my posts and enjoyed it, maybe learned something new, or came to think of Gene's work in a new way, I would invite you to use the button below to take me out for a virtual cup of coffee.

Thank you.

Tom (The Clarkophile)


skipway said…
Hi Tom. Keeping you writing about Gene is certainly worth a donation. It's always enjoyable reading your perceptions, opinions and analysis of Gene's music, and it often increases my appreciation of same. An example is the piece you did on In a Misty Morning. It is now my favorite Roadmaster song.