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Plagiarism of my work in the notes of BGO’s White Light / Roadmaster reissue

At first, I was excited to hear about UK-based BGO’s new 2-on-1 CD reissue of Gene’s White Light and Roadmaster . While I’m sure a lot of longtime fans would’ve preferred another archival release along the lines of The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 or Gene Clark Sings for You, it’s also important to maintain the availability of Gene’s core catalogue. And even though I own these titles several times over, I still bought a copy, if only to support the larger efforts of #teamGene.  I was also interested to see who had been tapped to write the liner notes.  Turns out the new notes are credited to a fellow named John O’Regan. The essay offers a rather stilted, pedestrian recounting of Gene’s life and career. It reads like a series of unrelated bullet points, lacking in both nuance and insight (it later occurred to me that O’Regan might have enlisted help from ChatGPT). Eventually, it begins to resemble a Wikipedia entry written by someone with absolutely no interest in their subject. Fam

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