Clarkophile in May-June 2009 Issue of Shindig! Magazine

I'm pleased to report that the May-June issue of Shindig! will feature an article I wrote about Gene Clark's work in the 1980's.
While researching this piece, I conducted interviews with the following persons:

John York & Pat Robinson
(who, with Gene, formed CRY in the late '80's)

Carla Olson
(Ex-Textones singer/songwriter & Gene's duet partner on So Rebellious a Lover and the posthumously released Silhouetted in Light/In Concert)

Saul Davis
(Carla's spouse & Gene's ex-manager)


j said…
really enjoying this site, friend! thank you and good work. i pray to hear some Gene Clark Sings To You one of these days. and everything else. all the work. all the art. if we all close our eyes and wish............

no other!
The Clarkophile said…
Thanks, Justin.

I want these songs released too.
ge said…
Heavenly Dream Supergroup: Gene....Gram.....Clarence....hmmmmm
who'd make the perfect 4th???


in some corner of the hereafter they might be jammin' now....a-and Bob Marley stops in hearing some harmony he could add
ge said…
wow, a cover article & ish featuring our Hero! N-i-c-e
The Clarkophile said…
Hi ge,
Shindig is a fine magazine that deserves to be much bigger.
And they're obviously Gene-friendly...
I'm very honoured they want to publish my piece. I'm hoping it will get some people listening to his 80's work.
I just bought 'So Rebellious' on LP. It's really wonderful. I don't know much of Gene's 80s stuff but I'm sure your article will serve as a great intro. Looking forward to the remaining 'Sings For You' reviews!

The Clarkophile said…
Hi Andreas!
Thanks so much for leaving a message.

I think Gene's 80's material is vastly underrated(see my very first blog entry for 'Kathleen'; I wanted to make a point of beginning the blog with an 80's song).
His writing wasn't as prolific or consistent as it had been in the early days, but there's gems aplenty sprinkled throughout the decade. Too often, though, his songs became workmanlike, as though he had been self-consciously trying to write something commercial. Who could blame him, really. The man deserved a hit.

Obviously he was going through a rough period in terms of his addictions and his health, but he rose to the occasion on So Rebellious. Carla Olson told me Gene was very, very ill throughout the recording of the album but he still managed to turn in a magnificent performance.
Great work!
I think that Gene wrote, or co-wrote, some of his best songs in the 80s. Some of them have been released lately, and I know there is more to come. It's always nice to have somthing to look forward to, and I really do.
The Clarkophile said…
Full agreement here, Age! I believe Gene, although not as prolific as he had been in the 60's, was still turning out exceptional, even brilliant, work during the 80's.

It wasn't a coincidence that my very first blog entry here dealt with 'Kathleen.'
j said…
finally got this issue of 'shindig!' real nice piece.

my new favorite magazine too!
The Clarkophile said…
Thanks so much. I love Shindig too. Just got a subscription.