Clarkophile in Sept./Oct. Issue of SHINDIG! magazine

I realize I've not been posting here as much as usual, but I've been working on other articles, the most recent of which appears in the Sept./Oct. issue of Shindig! I'm covering the history of Stockport-via-Liverpool band Wimple Winch, one of my favourite lesser-known bands from the '60s.

My next Clarkophile blog entry will continue my look at the Sings for You sessions; I've almost completed an analysis of the track 'On Her Own,' which I consider to have been Part 1 of what I call "The San Francisco Trilogy".


Anonymous said…
Hi, I discovered you via, to which i have linked many times in my pandemic flu blog novel, AMERICAN FEVER: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence, in which the blogger is a huge Gene Clark fan. (He rips on Gram Parsons a little, you must know the impulse....)

Come & see the illustrated serial novel at

(Teaser: My character winds up in Canada for a while...)

I'll be linking to your blog -- great work!

Best & thanks,
Peter Christian Hall
Anonymous said…
Hi Tom, I am looking forward to getting my copy of Shindig so I can read your article about Wimple Winch. Your piece about Gene in the 80s was excellent. Any chance you will write more articles about him for Shindig or other magazines?
I am anxiously awaiting your next post about the Sings For You sessions. Did anything come of the Sony/Legacy petition? Is there any news about any upcoming Gene Clark releases on any labels, vines, blogs?
Also, thanks for introducing me to Steve Hoffman's excellent forum. I use the bookmark on your page to get to the site. I just discovered that it is not up. Is there any news about the forum?
The Clarkophile said…
First of all, thanks to both of you for leaving a message. I was starting to feel like no one was out there.
I would love to write a feature piece on the Sings for You sessions. Great questions, btw!

My next piece will probably be on the Sings for You sessions, if I can find out more information. The trouble these days is just finding time to write.
Nothing has come of the petition yet, but I didn't really think it would. I did it mainly to create an awareness of its existence, and let it be known the extent to which people are interested in Gene's music. (If you look at the standings, the Gene Clark archival project is somewhere around 20th place...not bad, I'd say.)

I don't know what's going on at SHtv at the moment. But you can log on by copying/pasting this in your browser:

Again, thank you for the comments. You've made my day, probably my week.
KittyMom said…

Great blog about a great talent! Your introspective writing style is very well suited for the enigmatic subject you have chosen. Or perhaps the subject chose you?

I rediscovered Gene's talents while perusing YouTube over the weekend. Although I learned from reading an excerpt from "Mr Tambourine Man" that, despite his last name, Gene was only 1/4 Irish, much of his music sounds very Celtic to me - a former, maybe-wannabe-again Celtic/Americana performer. This may not be too surprising, since Irish/Scottish music is one of the main roots of country music, traveling through Appalachian mountain music to bluegrass and beyond.

Listening to Gene's music and reading about his life after so many years has inspired me to think once again about performing, and perhaps expanding a bit beyond my past set lists of mainly traditional and modern Celtic.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for keeping a great American singer/songwriter in the public's mind and hearts. I will check back often!

The Clarkophile said…
Hi Valery. Thanks for your comments.

Interesting point about the Irish element. Have you heard 'Kathleen' from Gypsy Angel? It's sung in the voice of a young Irish widow whose husband has been lost at sea. Great story-song from Gene. He must have summoned his 1/4 Irish heritage for that one, because it's a very moving song.

Thanks for reading. And I completely agree, Gene's music does have the power to inspire. This blog, all my other writing endeavours, I owe all of it to his (and John Einarson's) inspiration.
ge said…
I am complimented that many have liked, listened to my humble version of 'Polly'.
Please go to the contact link on my profile [at myspace] to audition --song 2 in the samples.
Cant wait to read your continuing GC meditations, Clarkophile...