Downloadable bonus tracks announced for High Moon's Two Sides To Every Story | Notes penned by The Clarkophile

High Moon Records has announced the track selection for the downloadable bonus tracks accompanying the CD/LP releases of Two Sides To Every Story, which includes two never-before-released Gene Clark originals: 'What is Meant Will Be' and 'The Wheel of Time.' 
Also included is an astonishing banjo-driven interpretation of the Beatles' 'I'll Be Back', plus a full-band version of the rarely heard Clark original 'The Daylight Line'. 

Fully half of the Two Sides album was performed by Gene and The Silverados, which affords us a glimpse into how the album might have sounded, had the band had not been turfed by producer Thomas Jefferson Kaye at the outset of the sessions.

Gene Clark & The Silverados 

Live at Ebbet's Field Denver CO, October 1975 

Gene Clark | Duke Bardwell | Roger White | Marc Singer | John Dethridge
01. Life's Greatest Fool
02. The True One
03. The Radio Song
04. No Other
05. Silver Raven
06. In The Pines
07. Hear The Wind
08. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
09. I'll Be Back
10. She Darked The Sun
11. Kansas City Southern
12. From a Silver Phial
13. Home Run King
14. Sister Moon
15. Daylight Line

Gene Clark & The Silverados
Mother Blues Dallas Texas, May 24, 1975 
Gene Clark | Duke Bardwell | Roger White

16. What Is Meant Will Be
17. Wheel Of Time
18. Some Misunderstanding
19. She Don't Care About Time

Gene Clark - Live At The Tango 1984 
20. I Saw A Dream Come True 

Gene Clark Interview with B. Mitchel Reed 
21. Interview 1974 
It's my great pleasure to say that I had the honour of penning the essay included in the lavish PDF booklet (esteemed Clark biographer John Einarson handled the notes included with the CD/LP proper). 
Congratulations to High Moon for a job well done.  Whether you purchase the LP or CD, it's a lovingly crafted package, one that serves Gene's legacy very well. I'm proud to have been involved in it.


Lesley said…
Can't wait to pick up my copy! That's great to know that you got to contribute to it. Congrats!