COMING SOON: Clarkophile's Fave 50 List/Plus new piece on 'Del Gato'

Sheesh, it's been a while since my last post, but for those who might be interested, I intend to step it up in the next couple of weeks.  First up will be a list of my 50 Favourite Gene Clark Songs, each of which will feature a couple of sentences about the track.

Next up is a return to the usual format with a long-promised piece on 'Del Gato' from Gene's final album So Rebellious a Lover (with Carla Olson of course).  This piece will feature quotes from a 2009 interview I did with Carla, along with reflections from Rick Clark, Gene's brother (who co-authored the track), with whom I spoke earlier this year.

Till then, here's brother Rick's take on 'Del Gato'.  And yes, the song does make my top 50 list!


Brian Nash said…
Glad to see you "back on the horse." Look forward to the next post.
Craig McTaggart said…
Looking forward to some new posts, and if theres any tracks in your top 5o I dont own then time to get serching again. Keep us posted Genes always on my play list
Cheers Craig
Lesley said…
Can't wait to read it! Incidently that is quite a feat trying to compile a 50 best songs list! There's so many great ones.