The Complete List 1-50

Title                                           Artist                                    Album

1. Your Fire Burning            Gene Clark/Carla Olson          In Concert/Silhouetted in Light
2. My Marie                         Gene Clark                              In Concert
3. She's the Kind of Girl      Gene Clark                              Roadmaster 
4. Strength Of Strings          Gene Clark                              No Other
5. Echoes                             Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers 
6. Lady Of The North          Gene Clark                              No Other 
7. She Don't Care About Time    The Byrds                        Turn! Turn! Turn!
8. Eight Miles High            The Byrds                                 Fifth Dimension 
9. Pledge To You                 Gene Clark                              Gypsy Angel: Demos 1983-1990
10. Kathleen                        Gene Clark                              Gypsy Angel: Demos 1983-1990
11. Tried So Hard                Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers
12. Something's Wrong       Dillard & Clark           The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark
13.Here Without You          The Byrds                                Mr. Tambourine Man
14. Full Circle Song            Gene Clark                              Roadmaster
15. Why Not Your Baby     Dillard & Clark           The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark
16. Communications         Gene Clark                              [Unreleased]
17. The World Turns All Around Her   The Byrds             Turn! Turn! Turn! 
18. Hear the Wind             Gene Clark                              Two Sides To Every Story
19. In a Misty Morning     Gene Clark                              Roadmaster 
20. One in a Hundred        Gene Clark                              Roadmaster
21. For a Spanish Guitar     Gene Clark                              White Light
22. Set You Free This Time     The Byrds                           Turn! Turn! Turn!
23. Del Gato                     Gene Clark & Carla Olson      So Rebellious a Lover
24. Crazy Ladies              McGuinn-Clark                        [Unreleased]
25. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better    The Byrds                      Mr. Tambourine Man
26. Polly                           Dillard & Clark               Through the Morning, Through the Night
27. Silver Raven               Gene Clark                               No Other
28. Feelin' Higher              McGuinn, Clark & Hillman      [Unreleased]
29. From A Silver Phial     Gene Clark                                No Other
30. Dark Of My Moon       Gene Clark                                Gypsy Angel: Demos 1983-1990
31. If You're Gone             The Byrds                                  Turn! Turn! Turn!
32. If I Hang Around         Gene Clark/Chip Douglas         Byrd Parts 2
33. Only Colombe             Gene Clark With the Gosdin Brothers
34. Silent Crusade             Gene Clark                           Two Sides To Every Story
35. In the Plan                   Dillard & Clark      The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
36.  Here Tonight              Gene Clark                                  Roadmaster
37. I Knew I’d Want You   The Byrds                                  Mr. Tambourine Man
38. No Other                     Gene Clark                                  No Other
39.  Gypsy Rider               Gene Clark & Carla Olson         So Rebellious a Lover
40.  You Showed Me        The Byrds                                   The Preflyte Sessions 
41. That’s Alright By Me  Gene Clark                                 Flying High
42. Kansas City Southern  Dillard & Clark           Through the Morning, Through the Night
43.  She Has a Way            The Byrds                                   Mr. Tambourine Man
44. The Day Walk (Never Before)  The Byrds                     Turn! Turn! Turn!
45.  Straight From the Heart  Gene Clark                             [Unreleased]
46.  Rain Song                   Gene Clark                                 Firebyrd
47.  After the Storm           Gene Clark                                [Unreleased]
48.  Train Leaves Here This Mornin’ Dillard & Clark Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
49.  Changing Heart           Byrds                                          Byrds
50.  All I Want                   Gene Clark                                  This Byrd Has Flown


Christoffer Vig said…
Thank you so much for posting this list! Wish someone could pick this up,dig up the best versions and release the ultimate Gene Clark collection. There's so much gold in here.
Rufus said…
Tom, I have greatly enjoyed all of your posts and look forward to reading what comes next. I would like to wish you and all Clarkophiles a very happy, healthy, peaceful new year. Here's hoping 2015 brings the release of more Gene Clark buried treasures!!!
ge said…
= yr #1
Anonymous said…
I have revisited and enjoyed some tracks you included which have passed me by previously like Dark of My Moon and After the Storm. Unfortunately, I haven't had the benefit of listening to Communications which I hope lives up to the hype.

I would have just over half of yours on my list. I would have included more from White Light, Life's Greatest Fool, Past Addresses, American Dreamer, Radio Song, So You Say You Lost Your Baby, Through The Morning, Through The Night,I Can Remember the Railroad, Back Street Mirror and Back To The Earth Again.
The Clarkophile said…
These are all great songs and I love them too. It is a credit to Gene's songwriting that your choices differ so greatly from my own. However, I should point out that neither 'Back Street Mirror' nor 'Back to the Earth Again' were available for consideration at the time of writing. This list captured a moment in time. Favourites change and songs shuttle in and out of rotation; Gene's brilliance remains the only constant.

As for 'Communications', I balk at your use of the word "hype." In my experience, it usually carries with it a measure of cynicism that predicts unwarranted praise has been employed. No one is engaging in hype here. A song either moves you or it doesn't. 'Communications' moved Rogan enough to write about it before anyone else. I echoed his sentiments because I, too, was moved by it.
Anonymous said…
I'm just an ordinary fan desperate to hear more music from the great man.

On reflection, hype was a poor choice of word. I'm not a cynical person but that's impossible for anyone to tell without meeting me in person.

I just hope Communications moves me just as much as it has moved you and Johnny Rogan if I ever get to hear it.
The Clarkophile said…
Fair enough. And I apologize if I came across as a little defensive there. Sometimes it's difficult to know if someone is being critical or not.
I want you to know I truly appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment. Means a lot to me.