Sierra Records announces fall release for Gene Clark archival compilation!

Great news from 
Sierra Records!

"Sierra Records, in association with the Gene Clark Estate represented by Gene's two sons Kai and Kelly Clark, will be releasing later this year an album of Gene Clark original recordings never before released, featuring never before released songs by 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' member, Gene Clark! More than 20 songs, were recorded on at some of the famous studios in L.A. at the time on 3-track, 8-track and 16-track masters. The album will be released on hybrid SACD (playable on standard CD players as well) and a 2 LP set, pressed on audiophile, 200 gram vinyl which will include a free digital download card for your MP3 player) with many other extras! The album will be available in advance of it's Christmas 2015 release to our direct mail order customers only by invitation only."

Send an email to the following address to be put on the priority list for the fall Gene Clark release:

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The set will include Gene's original vocal for "Back Street Mirror", later removed and replaced by David Hemmings' vocal for inclusion on his album Happens.  

The importance of this release to hardcore Clark fans cannot possibly be exaggerated.


Indigo Mariana said…
I for one cannot wait to hear Gene's vocal on Back Street Mirror! Very exciting! I hope there will be good liner notes too.
Rufus said…
This is outstanding news and I look forward to the day when we can finally hear Gene Clark's vocals on Back Street Mirror. Any chance we can convince you to contact Leon Russell for an interview? I for one would be very interested to learn more about his interactions and experiences with Gene Clark.
Also, not directly related but are you aware if anyone has ever contacted and interviewed Michael Nesmith regarding the Silverados demos that were recorded at his studio?
daragho said…
I've always thoroughly enjoyed Hemmings version of Back Street Mirror (of course the musicians on the cut are impeccable). The song is very recognisable as a Gene Clark composition of the era and while Hemmings hams it up a little, I can almost imagine Gene's vocal in my head as the song plays. No I won't have to imagine anymore!

I believe Johnny Rogan will be doing liner notes - he helped identify some of the tracks.
Guy E said…
Back Street Mirror will be a nice find, to be sure. I never really believed that his vocals had been erased from the master... or maybe they were and a safety copy has been discovered.

I can't wait for this.
Indigo Mariana said…
Wouldn't it be great if they release Backstreet Mirror as a vinyl 45 in advance of the full album?? ~sigh~ A girl can dream...