For many reasons -- some personal, some practical, some professional -- I needed to take a break from The Clarkophile.

I've used this holiday from my blog to not only recharge my batteries, but also rethink the format and direction of this site. Suffice it to say the changes I have in mind will result in more frequent postings and content. More on that soon.

I've also used the time to prove that I'm capable of writing about subjects other than Gene.  Head on over to my friend Nathan's site, The Active Listener, to test the veracity of my claims.

I apologize to those folks who regularly check in for new write-ups or info about the Sierra Records release, Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions, 1964-1982. Please don't remove me from your bookmarks.  Things will be back to normal very shortly.

The Clarkophile


FiveGunsWest said…
A pleasant surprise to hear from you this morning. This kind of makes my day. We have missed you. I have wondered about you. I look forward to hearing more from you. Top of the morning to you. On my blog I have a Barry McGuire interview. Part One talks briefly about his relationship with Gene while in the New Christie Minstrels. The information is probably nothing new to you but is funny and interesting. If you would like to discuss Gene with Barry, e-mail me and I will give you his number. Just tell him I referred you. He knows me by my nom de plume of the time........Nolan Voyd.......Barry is a riot and he spent considerable time with Gene. Welcome back!
The Clarkophile said…
Hi Ruben

Thanks for leaving a comment -- and for the kind welcome back!

Will head over to your blog to read Barry's comments. I've always wanted to have a chat with him! I will be in touch.