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Johnny Rogan's Requiem for the Timeless Vol 2 will be released in August.
After devoting the better part of the last two years to writing about and promoting The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 both here and online, I decided to take a break and work on some other writing projects.
However, batteries now recharged, I'm ready to get back into all things Gene.

Rogan returns

I am delighted to report that the long-awaited second volume of Johnny Rogan's Requiem for the Timeless will soon be upon us (August 2017).  In honour of this monumental undertaking -- decades in the works -- The Clarkophile will be featuring an exclusive interview with Johnny.

In this volume, Rogan takes an in-depth look at the careers of members of the Byrds who have died: Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, Clarence White, Kevin Kelley, Gram Parsons, and Skip Battin.

I've got a few questions already lined up for Mr. Rogan, but if any of you have some you would like me to ask, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

Upcoming blogposts

I am currently conducting research on a couple of additions to the blog, one of which will be a look at  one of my favourite songs, 'My Marie,' written by Gene and Pat Robinson. We lost Pat last summer and I'm writing this as a tribute to both men. 

I will never forget how kind and generous Pat was, both with his time and his answers.  One of the most thrilling, spine-tingling moments of my life was hearing Pat discuss how he and Gene penned the song.

I intend to reference all extant versions I can track down. 

I'm also researching the legendary Glass House Tape that Gene recorded circa 1980 with Rick Clark, Tommy Kaye, Garth Beckington and Jon Faurot. Details about this recording are few (we don't even have a recording date), but the music itself will provide more than enough inspiration for my writing.

New Gene Clark site! 

Last year, as you may remember, I interviewed Ms. Neon Brambles about her noble quest to #GetGeneIn the Songwriters Hall of Fame (if you haven't signed the petition yet, shame on you).
As another labour of love, she has created a brand new Gene Clark website located at She's done a fantastic job.  Go take a look (and make sure to sign up for the information-packed newsletters!).

Thanks for sticking with me.  I appreciate the comments, both positive and negative. 


Indigo Mariana said…
Looking forward to reading these new posts as they come out! Glad that you'll be devoting more time to your blog again and thanks for mentioning the website!