'In a Misty Morning' leading the poll...

Still 30 days left to vote.

Thanks to all of those who have taken the time to vote. As of now, it looks like 'In a Misty Morning' is the clear front-runner. On the day the poll closes, I will post an entry referable to the winning song.

Below I've provided some YouTube links for a couple of the other songs featured in the poll, in case anyone is unfamiliar with them.

Something's Wrong




Sha said…
Looks like Echoes is catching up :-)
The Clarkophile said…
Heh, yes, I can practically hear the old-time comedy chase music:
duddla-dum-duddla-dum ...

Trouble is, I've been working on a piece for 'Misty', so if 'Echoes' wins I'll be caught completely flat-footed!
Better start working on it too just to be safe.