Reader's Choice

Over the last few months I've had many interesting suggestions for songs to discuss in The Clarkophile, so I thought I would conduct a poll in the hope of eliciting thoughts on what other Gene Clark songs you would like to see featured herein.

Comments are always welcome. A big hello to the faithful who keep reading and communicating with me. I truly appreciate it.


Sha said…
Hi Tom,

very difficult to choose! I went for

Dark of My Moon

apart from these I would like to see

My Marie (Mountain Stage)
Set You Free This Time (Byrds Version)
Past Addresses
Silver Raven

Love your blog!
The Clarkophile said…
Gah! How could I have forgotten to put the Mountain Stage 'My Marie' on the poll? (Serves me right for having constructed it after a couple of pints!)
One of Gene's finest moments--period. I love that it's from '88--long after most people had written him off. Such a stirring performance; such a cinematic song.
Gene SO still had it.

Your kind words are (always) very much appreciated, Sha!
ge said…
No Other ?

when that lp came out, that song SO outshined all the rest for me ... and still its uniqueness thereon as well as in Gene's oeuvre is striking. The sonic star of the show was always that fuzzy sly-stoney break w/ Lala's genius-simple fast cowbell solo...
The Clarkophile said…
Other contenders:

My Marie (Mountain Stage)
Set You Free This Time (Byrds Version)
Past Addresses
Silver Raven
No Other
Sha said…
Yeah, the Mountain Stage "My Marie" is something special, isn't it? It inspired me so much when I first heard it...
Anonymous said…

Just discovered this blog and I must say it's excellent, considering I tend to ignore these self-indulgent blog/twitter sites. I'm from Altrincham, Greater Manchester UK and it really bothers me how so few people really know about Gene Clark and his musical genius, no worry though, I will try and spread the message,

Stu said…
Hi, Tom:

My choices are In A Misty Morning, Your Fire Burning and of course still interested in Hard Times and its origins.

Great new photo. (Should have photo-shopped the cig?)

Looking forward to your next song discussion.
The Clarkophile said…
Thanks for the comments.

To Anon: I know what you mean about self-indulgent blogs and I've consciously tried to avoid that particular pitfall by keeping things as Gene-specific as possible. My intention from the get-go was for it to be about Gene, not me.
But the blog is, I suppose, about me in a way...inasmuch as Gene's music had, and continues to have, such a huge impact upon my life.

I hope you keep reading.