New Poll: Which vocal performance of 'Echoes' do you prefer?

So which is it?
The deep, moody Dylanesque original?
(listen below)
Or the mature, less mannered vocal from 1972? (listen above)

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ge said…
is there a link to rehear the later version?
I disliked the 'LA' so much i never digitized.
ECHOES is an important GC song, and I'm dwelling more on your POV.
+ Leon's contribution is pretty genius too!
The Clarkophile said…
I'll try to post the LA version on YouTube in the next couple of days.
ge said…
I [like most?] was a latecomer to '-With the Gosdins', due to its flying so low on US radar on its release---never heard of nor saw it advertised or displayed til a British import of the LP --that opened with ECHOES --was released in the 80s. Then I really feel in love w/ Gene's schtick and eventually collected his other alba. So the existence of 'LA sessions' never made much sense---why tamper with 60s sonic perfection [w/ busybody-70s 2nd-guessing]? 'LA' struck me as too bassy and sterile, less atmospheric/less layered---i ditched it quickly...the reworking choice almost seems symptomatic of the change in drugs from magic grass to manic coke!

= a long way of voting for the original!
PS good grafix on the site!
Sha said…
I'm in with the majority here - it's the original for me. He sounds like he is giving it 100% and his voice has more depth than in the early LA version where he sounds somewhat timid and careful - I still like it though.

I must admit I wasn't aware of the significant difference in the vocals until I listened to them again. Thanks for pointing it out!
false said…
I prefer the original also. I'm not sure what the point of the LA sessions is. I don't really like them though. He sounds like he isn't putting effort into some songs, and on the other songs, the vocals sound thin and weak. I much prefer the original!! It's one of my favorite GC songs, and it really made me into a Gene fan.
The Clarkophile said…
I prefer the original as well. The '72 vocals sound tentative, a little weak, like he didn't feel them anymore.

The remix sucks too.
Anonymous said…
I like them both.