'Past My Door' from Gene Clark Sings for You, played on radio/up on YouTube

Gene Clark - 'Past My Door'

An abbreviated version, missing the last 1:15 secs, but still, this is most of the track, including all of the lyrics.
After 44 years...pretty friggin' amazing.

Original Clarkophile entry re 'Past My Door' can be found here.


Anonymous said…
Hey Guys- Just found this site. I contributed the Tommy Kaye interview to the bio. Knew Gene slightly, later. Love his Music. I can be contacted musicalbooks@gmail.com
false said…
This is great! I'm so glad to be able to hear this. I wonder what the chances are of any of the other recordings from "Gene Clark Sings for You" being released?
Anonymous said…
With regard to your honor, Sir, and the current vast discrepancy between it and the greater public good, to wit:

"Anonymous said...
This is truly amazing stuff. Thanks for writing about Gene's unreleased work. As I am sure it has had a similar effect on other people, reading about all of these songs only makes me want to hear "Gene Clark Sings For You" even more. Since it has remained unreleased for this long, is there any chance it might be possible to post on a private blog such as Rockingbyrd or some other similar forum?

26 January 2009 09:09

The Clarkophile said...
For reasons both legal and personal, I am strictly forbidden from posting any portion of the songs discussed herein. I gave my word on this, and I have no intention of wavering therefrom.

It is my fervent hope that the discussion of unreleased material will create enough buzz among GC fans to lobby for the eventual release of Gene Clark Sings for You, as well as any other unreleased material.

I don't believe in private blogging. I find it exclusionary.

26 January 2009 09:33"

May I offer a Modest Proposal in the new light of the possibility the tracks on Sings For You are actually in some body's or entity's possession, of which you may be aware? (ref. rocking-byrd.blogspot.com's recent post):

You may keep your word, Dear Sir, and the GC community-at-large benefit from hearing the tracks, were you to (1) be released by your pledge or (2) persuade the copyright holder - if indeed there are legal ramifications involved in your nondisclosure - to release the material themselves. I suspect the tracks are not being released due to their being in the hands of an entity that would rather stand to profit by their eventual release yet must be holding out, perhaps waiting to find a more presentable copy?

It's well over a year now since the above discourse. Fact is, we couldn't give a darn how scratchy or amateurly recorded etc, we would simply love to hear it. What is the problem with that? Thank you for your continued illumination of the flame! ~stu
marco tukoff said…
Hello, do you know anything about a song called "Madeline" or "Madeleine"? Chip Douglas talks about it in a interview. Thanxs from Brazil, valeu!!!
The Clarkophile said…
No, I'm having trouble tracking down anything about that song. If only Chip realized what a treasure he had in his possession. Maybe someday we'll hear those demos he has.
Anonymous said…
I can almost hear Alex Chilton (Big Star era) singing "Past My Door." Cool lil' nugget, that tune. I'd gladly sign a petition, or do whatever it takes, to hear more of "...Sings for You."