Stream this new cover of "Dark of My Moon" by Carrie Ashley Hill & Jeff Berrall

It's my great pleasure to post this haunting cover of Gene's "Dark of My Moon" by Carrie Ashley Hill and Jeff Berrall.  Very cool to see Gene's music being reinterpreted by a new generation.

Jimmy Carbonetti -  guitar
Sam Hopkins - guitar + backing vox
Matt Clark - drums + backing vox
Jeff Berrall - bass + backing vox
Carrie Ashley Hill - vocals + guitar
Dan Iead - pedal steel + guitar 

Recorded by Nico Chiotellis
Mixed by Al Carlson

More information:

Photo credit: Theresa Balderas


lost_jewels said…
VG++++ to Awesome. TY Tom for the find and the share. Of course a chapeau for Carrie and Jeff and the band for making this an unforgettable listen expierence and me pla nning many reruns. Monday cannot go wrong anymore.