Theft of content

Over the past couple of months I've seen several cases of direct/indirect plagiarism of my hard work, and I'll level with you: I'm pissed.  The information you'll find here doesn't just appear out of nowhere.  If I haven't credited a source, then you should take that to mean that it's a product of original research undertaken by me.  That's means that I am the one who has tracked down interview subjects, paid the costs associated with long distance calls, and then transcribed hours of audio. No one pays me to write this blog, I do it out of love for Gene Clark's music.  If you feel compelled to copy/paste or lift/reword my intellectual content, quotations, facts that I've tracked down, take a moment and do the decent thing and credit me for it.  And fuck you for sharing that information without acknowledgement of the original source.  
If you rip off my hard work and I catch you, damn right I'm going to call you a thief and a coward. Because that's exactly what you are, so don't try to turn things around and play the victim because you got caught. It's not an insult if it's the truth.
I'm sick of this shit and it has to stop, otherwise I'm deactivating this blog.