The Kai Clark Band

Belated Happy New Year, everyone.

Recently, I received an email from Kai in which he provided a link to the brand new electronic press kit of The Kai Clark Band.  Check it out!

For the transcript of my interview with Kai from May 22, 2010, go here.

I'll be back very soon with a new entry (coinciding with the High Moon's release of Two Sides To Every Story), along with the waaaaa-aaaaay overdue recording of my band's interpretation of Gene's 'Past Tense' from the Sings for You sessions.  For personal reasons, we were forced to abandon work on it over a year ago, but we're determined to polish it off by the end of the month.


Rufus said…
Happy new year Tom! I hope you had a good holiday and are doing well. I am psyched to hear that you will be back soon with a new post. What is the topic going to be? Also, since you are timing it to coincide with the release of Two Sides, can you tell us when that is going to be or what the bonus tracks are? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the updates, always looking forward to more posts by you.
The Clarkophile said…
Sorry, I have zero info on the status of the Two Sides reissue. I'm keeping my fingers crossed like everyone else!